LATEX FREE Resistance band - Purple

Good for exercises where the medium to high resistance is required, such as tricep push downs and chest fly. 


Using our EROS online eBook you have access to 40+ different exercises that you can do anywhere with our exercise bands.


Exercise anywhere

Not comfortable with returning to gyms yet? Our bands can be used at home, in the garden, in the park, hotel or even at work.



  • Latex Free
  • Durable
  • Super easy to use
  • Versatile with many exercises available
  • Portable


Improve flexibility & mobility for all ages

Our high quality resistance workout bands are not just designed for gym users. They are popular with recovery exercises after surgery, and also used to improve mobility in elders. This can be used for core balance exercise, recovery, joint movement and chair exercises to improve blood flow


Portable and Lightweight

Easily take the exercise band with you as its easy to carry. Use in the gym, local park or take on holiday.

With the help of our online guide, you can see how to train at home using our resistance bands.


Latex free

Our bands have been designed as latex free, which offers great value and exceptional versatility.

Latex vs Latex free

When comparing the two, natural latex offers slightly more resistance per band. Experienced users may find they will use the next band in the latex free set to achieve similar resistance. 




... at home

Using our downloadable eBook you have access to over 40+ exercises that can be done at home. Either to keep your fitness up whilst unable to visit the gym, or as a home workout routine for busy lives.


... outside

Take your bands outside and benefit from the fresh air whilst you exercise. There is nothing like the space and tranquility of your local park to excel at